Since 35 years we are your manufacturer and supplier of high grade equipment and systems for thermal and thermal chemical treatment of metallic components.

Furnaces Furnace Atmospheres
+ Roller hearth furnaces  + Endogas generator
+ Walking beam furnaces + Inertgas generator
+ Overhead conveyor furnaces + HN and HNX plants
+ Chamber furnaces    + Ammonia cracker
+ Conveyor belt furnaces  + Dryer
+ Carousel furnaces  + Gas tanks
+ Chain conveyor furnaces + Gas analyser
+ Rotary hearth furnaces + Inertgas supply stations
+ Bogie hearth furnaces + Gas purifying systems 

Continuous heat treatment plants and batch furnaces with controlled atmospheres for bright annealing, brazing, sintering, hardening, tempering, carbonizing.

Installation and Services….
High qualified Technicians and Commissioning Engineers in all countries worldwide guarantee trouble free installation and commissioning of your equipment. Our world wide experience counts also here.

Spare parts and modifications….
Optimal and fast spare part supply guarantees that your equipment will work reliable and under the best possible economical aspects for many years. Close contact with you enables us to design betterments and modification ideas. This results in higher output of your equipment and brings your old systems again “up to date”.

Customer training
During commissioning our FK Service Engineer will provide the necessary information in order to operate the system safe and economical. In case more detailled training is required FK is in a postion to offer individual training programms. Please ask for respective training programms.