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Walking beam furnaces

The main application field for Walking Beam furnaces is the steel industry. Walking Beam furnaces are used for heating ingots and billets in normal steel and stainless steel in different qualities, fur further use in forging and bending systems.

Further applications are hardening, normalizing and re-heating of round material and steel tubes, for shaped material which must be separately transported and for furnace lengths which make the conventional pushing of material impossible.

Depending on existing conditions loading and discharging of material is effected from the front by use of charging-machines, or from the side by indirect water-cooled rollers with separate motor drives.

Transportation of material is effected by use of detachable and fixed beams. A oneup to four row charging is possible.

Heat treating with none scaling effect by use of open flame heating or use of electro heating elements is the usual method. The burner arrangement differs from ceiling to side wall burners and is designed in accordance with highest economical requirements.

In case of breakdowns of the furnace or sudden repair requirements, it is very easy to empty the furnace in a very short time. Due to the very robust design, the FK-Walking beam furnace can be operated repair- and maintenance free for a very long period.


- Technical Information: Electric, gas or oil fired Walking-beam furnaces (PDF)