Portrait of the company

Looking back to a long tradition in designing and building furnaces, it was always our target, since the company FK Industrieofen + Schutzgastechnik GmbH was founded in the year 1972, to scope with the technical challenge and to be always one step ahead to the requests of technical needs.

Mr. Friedhelm Kohlmeyer, founder and owner of the company was always eager, from the first hours of the company up to now, to design and to develop furnaces and heat treatment systems with and without controlled atmospheres.

The Inert Gas generators have been developed and built by FK Industrieofenbau + Schutzgastechnik GmbH and are today a main part of the delivery program of the company. Many advertisements, technical reports and lectures held during many congresses as well as in technical universities, proof the high knowledge and technical expertise of the employees of FK Industrieofenbau + Schutzgastechnik GmbH in this field.

In the year 1987 the business section “Industrial Furnaces” of the company Babcock- BSH, located in Bad Hersfeld, was taken over by FK Industrieofenbau + Schutzgastechnik GmbH.

Increasing automation and high quality requirements in the markets of metal industries have forced us to design and develop new heat treatment technologies and procedures.

Our very modern technologies earned a lot of excellent results in the field of heat treatment and furnace technology and enabled us to start business in the international market. We are meanwhile serving more than 40 countries worldwide with our products and services.

Our engineers are designing and developing furnaces and heat treating equipment for continuous and intermittent operation. We are producing solutions for the wire-, metal sheet-, foundry-, stainless steel-, automotive and aerospace industries. We create custom made solutions which fulfill all requirements in terms of economy and safety.

All sub technologies as there are – charging units, cooling and condensing units as well as automatic part-feeding systems are also a part of our delivery program as well as different kind of environment protection systems.

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