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Endothermic generators

During many industrial processes, the normal ambient temperature has a disturbing effect. The oxygen content of the air causes such unwanted side-effects and thus severe damages of the material surfaces. Inert gases are so-called artificial atmospheres, which protect the matal against disturbing influences during the production processes.

In order to produce high quality Endogas, it is very important, that the quality of the combustible gas is always the same. The supply of air and combustible gas is the same as for the production of Exogas. Air and combustible gas will be mixed in the retort inlet in a certain percentage and controlled by a flame non return safety device. The retort is filled with catalyst in order to speed up the reaction. After the gas has left the retort it will be cooled down and transported to the final use.

Downloads and Pictures:

- Technical Information: Production of endogas in accordance with the latest design (PDF)

- Pictures endothermic generators

- Endothermic generators type THERMOLEN (PDF)

- Technical Information: Production of Endogas from Propylen for heattreating medium and high-alloy steel in a reducing atmosphere without decarburization (PDF)