FK - customer Training

Knowledge counts - also for you

Dear client,

Knowledge was always a step ahead - knowledge counts, also for you, our valuable customer.

Since you have purchased a high-tech FK-equipment, training should be a part of this equipment. Our well educated engineers are able to provide technical information by means of the most modern training facilities.

On site training contains all kind of practical steps, needed to keep your FK-system most beneficial available for trouble free operation. Fast trouble shooting saves money - our engineers show you how to do it.

Last not least is it necessary to have certain important spare parts in your stock available. Parts not needed are a waste of money. Please trust our engineers. They will advise you which parts are needed to keep your FK-system in good technical shape.

Please use our expertise - be one step ahead with knowledge - knowledge counts!


- Broschüre FK - customer Training (PDF)

- Pictures: FK - customer Training