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Exothermic generators

During many industrial processes, the normal ambient temperature has a disturbing effect. The oxygen content of the air causes such unwanted side-effects and thus severe damages of the material surfaces. Inert gases are so-called artificial atmospheres, which protect the matal against disturbing influences during the production processes.

Air and natural gas will be injected into the combustion chamber with a pressure of 200 mbar. Inside the combustion chamber the exothermic reaction between natural gas and air takes place. The combustion chamber, gladed with high temperature resistent ceramic material, has a double wall chamber and will be cooled with water. Modern generators produced by FK Industrieofenbau + Schutzgastechnik GmbH can produce Exogas with a content of O2 less than 5 vpm. The H2 content will be automaticall adjusted between 1 - 10 vol%.

Downloads and Pictures:

- Pictures exothermic generators

- Exothermic / Inert gas generators type EXOLEN (PDF)

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