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Nitrogen generators

During many industrial processes, the normal ambient temperature has a disturbing effect. The oxygen content of the air causes such unwanted side-effects and thus severe damages of the material surfaces. Inert gases are so-called artificial atmospheres, which protect the matal against disturbing influences during the production processes.

Originated from the greek word „monos“ (alone) the nomination „Monogas“ has been adapted, because in general only one gas exists (N2 ) in this gas. Monogas will be produced in such a way, that Exogas will receive further cleaning, i.e. carbon dioxide (CO2 ) and (H2O) will be removed.

FK Industrieofenbau + Schutzgastechnik GmbH is using the Molekularsieve-method. The advantage using the absorbtion method is the possibility to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapour in one process.

Downloads and Pictures:

- Nitrogen generators type MONOLEN (PDF)

- Pictures nitrogen generators