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Rotary hearth furnaces

Mainly heated with gaseous or liquid fuels, provided with direct or indirect heating are the Rotary hearth furnaces mainly used in forge shops and hammer mills. Work-pieces with small measurements and high production quantities will be mainly heat treated in Rotary hearth furnaces.

In case the Rotary hearth furnace will be equipped with direct heating the burners are positioned in the side walls or in the ceiling . Recuperators can be used for economical heat recovery.

For special heat treatment processes indirect heating with controlled furnace atmosphere can be provided. In this case radiant pipes or heating elements are positioned along the side walls of the furnace . thus e.g. FK has designed and manufactured electric heated Rotary hearth furnaces for furnace temperatures up to 1350°C.

Charging and discharging of the material is initiated either manually or mechanically through one single or through two separate nearby adjacent doors. The use of mechanized feeding magazines is common in case parts with identical shape and weight are used.

With smaller furnace capacities charging into the furnace and transport in the furnace is effected on a rotary plate. Rotation speed of the rotary plate can be adjusted individually depending on the required temperature and remaining time in the Rotary hearth furnace.


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