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Roller hearth furnaces

FK Roller hearth furnaces combine the important parameters and requirements of Roller hearth furnaces which are important for complex manufacturing processes and for the advantage of the customer.
The reduced space requirements, due to particularly compact design dimensions, facilitates the integration of the furnace unit into existing production lines.

Either used for annealing, warming or heat treatment processes of various rolling mill- and forging products – FK guarantees an optimum of economic efficiency and operation safety.

Maintenance and repair can be executed by means of simple tools, because all movable parts are installed outside of the furnace. Easy access is accordingly possible.

Either straight or profiled rollers, optimized with guide rings at the end of the rollers, enable the optimal treatment of shaped parts as well as steel plates and steel bars.

With the need-based design of the FK Roller hearth furnaces, with the optional use of heating energy – natural gas or electric – can we guarantee an economic operation and will meet individual demands of our clients with very high standards.


- Pictures roller hearth furnaces

- Technical Information: Modern controlled atmosphere roller hearth furnaces for the heat tretment of ball bearing steel (PDF)