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Conveyor belt furnaces

A main field for conveyor-belt continous furnaces is the heat treatment of mass-produced parts. The continous mode of operation enables the use of such kind furnaces in a production line. In the area of hardening and brazing the use of such furnaces is almost indispensible. Mainly mass produced parts will be brazed under controlled atmospheres without flux and without incurring oxidation.

Additional fields of application are subcritical annealing during metal shaping, the bright hardening of air-hardened steels, the final annealing of magnetically soft materials and certain alloys, as well as other heat treatment processes.
High modern heating techniques give guarantee for high efficiency with low consumption.

The transport of the material to be heat treated in the furnace will be effected by means of conveyor belts made of cast parts, plates, or chains, either loaded directly or with a loading device.


- Technical Information: Continuous heating furnaces with chain link conveyor and inert gas equipment (PDF)

- Technical Information: Controlled Atmosphere Conveyor Furnaces (PDF)