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Bright annealing furnaces

The tubular heating elements will be transported through the furnace without chains, conveyor belts, sledges or other common transport sources. The transporting sources are driven through the furnace by new developed driving rollers, which are located in front of the furnace. The annealing- and cooling channels consists of parallel tubes. The diameter of these tubes are designed in order to transport one tubular heating element through only one tube at the same time.

The elimination of former common conventional transport devices results in a price reduction of 50% compared to former designed annealing furnaces with the same production capacity.

Annealing and cooling channels are connected gas-tight and are always kept under protective gas atmosphere in order to reach a bright annealing of the tubular heating elements even during shift operation.

The cooling tubes, which are outside of the furnace, distribute the heat direct to the atmosphere. Standard furnaces will be designed with 2 - 30 annealing channels. Resulting out of this production capacities of 5 - 300 kg/h can be achieved.

Another cost saving advantage is the small installation space needed for these new designed furnaces. More than 30% of former installation space can be saved.

The saving of energy, protective gas, cooling water, mechanical wear and tear, spare parts etc. guarantees a pay back of the investment within shortly not taking in consideration the repair and maintenance time required to keep the old designed furnaces reliable in operation.

Downloads and pictures:

- Brochure continuous annealing furnace for tubular heating elements (PDF)

- Technical Information: Heat treatment for the production of electrical tubular heating elements (PDF)

- Pictures bright annealing furnace