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Chamber furnaces

The electric, gas or oil operated furnaces are used to heat treat alloyed and unalloyed work pieces with different sizes. Forgings, castings slabs and workpieces with unequal shape can be annealed, heat-treated, normalized, hardened or heated up for further forging processes.

With forced convection or impuls burner arrangement it is possible to reach highest temperature accuracy. Fully automatic program controls can keep all required temperatures exactly in accordance with the requirements.

The reaction atmosphere can be varied during the thermal treatment if necessary.

Highly stressed parts, which need to be hardened, nitrided, dry cyanided can be heat treated in the furnace as well as parts which have to improve its strength and wear properties by a recarburising process in the furnace.

Depending on the size of the individual pieces the material is fed into the furnace by means of special charging machines. These machines can be movable or positioned on a fixed place.


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